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Know Your BART Stations

January 9, 2017

We’ve all been there. You’re not totally paying attention. BART slows and the panic grows, OMG WHAT STATION IS THIS.

Luckily, we at the BJCoPAtTC (Burrito Justice Center of Paying Attention to Tile Colors) are here for you. Thanks to our recent MacArthur Genius Grant, we are developing a series of rhymes to overcome the lack of meaningful BART station signage and help you identify stations by the color of tiles and styles of concrete and/or rock that you see outside your dirty BART window. Leave suggestions in the comments (especially for the East Bay)!

Arcs wide & narrow? Its EmbARCadero!

(thanks Dan!)

Montgomery and Powell, I throw in the towel

Montgomery and Powell both have those bumpy white tiles, which are awesome but don’t totally help here. 

Montgomery has a purple stripe but it’s so dark it doesn’t really look purple. Powell’s stripe is orange — good luck rhyming that.
Purple and bompy, you’re at Montgomery

Orange makes you howl, get off at Powell

Yeah, needs work. 

Blue & Green, You’re at 16


Yellow & Brown, Burritos Abound

Special action shot!

Rocky & Stark, You’re at Glen Park

Concrete Below-a, You’re at Balboa

(also, a set of alternate names for kids)

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