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Tune in to San Francisco’s best Internet radio station,! I also happen to have a show on Wednesdays from 12-2 where I talk to interesting people. It’s like Twitter on the radio.


If you like what you hear, do feel free to make a donation. (It’s just like buying me an IPA or a coffee!)

There’s an exciting page for the show on the shiny new website,  so I won’t be putting as much detail on this page. And hey, and now there’s an RSS feed for your podcast receptors if for some reason you aren’t able to dedicate two hours at noon to listen to me ramble.

Here’s a list of recent show and guests. (Click on the date for the mp3, biggish files):


  • 10 September 2014 – Tim & Erin of La Lengua’s ICHI Sushi talk about their background, fish, Japan, rap and more! archive & mp3
  • 3 September 2014 – In which @eviloars joins us for his second appearance on BFF. We discuss BAYCAT’s 10th anniversary,  dadcore, tweeters, burrito music and more! (Notable burrito musical discoveries include two gems, the Burrito Song and El Farolito Saved My Soul.) archive & mp3
  • 27 August 2014 – Bernalwood was guaranteed safe passage to the studios for treaty renegotiations regarding La Lengua and the Liminal Zone . Much discussion on Bernal celebrities & music, as well as the tremendous food and drink choices along the Liminal Zone. archive & mp3
  • 20 August 2014 – In which the Perfessor (aka @rrmutt) and I  play SF Power Pop, Japanese Power Pop, New Zealand Pop. Also we discuss Highway 138 outside Boston, technological urban myths, beer and IPA, bombsights, punched cards, vacuum tubes, nixie tunes, the IBM disk drive and the truck, naval slang and its impact on English, Twitter criticisms, tips and tricks. archive & mp3
  • 13 August 2014 – In which @askbilal gets off a plane from Afghanistan, comes on the show and talks about history, Kabul (both today & pre-Soviet invasion), Pashtun rock, food, ice cream, the military, day to day life and how his family made it to California via Japan and India. archive & mp3
  • (30 July 2014) @strngwys GIFs on the radio and @linecook returns, making live sounds on a Roland TB3 & TR8!
  • (23 July 2014) @cjam! He knows much more about music that me. But we both like TV show theme songs from the 70s. Sanford & Son!
  • (16 July 2014) SCIENCE. And asteroids! The return of @sondy the radar astronomer! And @juliemichelle of the Sentinel Asteroid hunting mission! And @michael_w_busch, an astronomer at SETI!
  • (9 July 2014) The return of @markasaurus! He talks about Mexico City, architecture, and we then make fun of soccer. And Dutch music.
  • (2 July 2014) Maps on the radio! It’s @veltman discussing the finer points of burrito vs sandwich case law.
  • (25 June 2014) I talk about poutine burritos. We replay the interview with @karlthefog!
  • (18 June 2014) GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLL! The crack BFF sports analysis team of @bnrsso (Cracked Machine), @talldave (Postscript Radio) and myself provide live commentary of the Spain-Chile World Cup game.
    • We include analysis of King Carlos’ abdication, evaulate Spanish and Chilean soccer cheers, and make several suggestions to improve the game of soccer (including avoiding ties — just add an extra ball in extra time).
    • A bit of a rough start with some tech difficulties, but things get rolling and we are in fine form for the goals at 20 minutes and 43 minutes.
  • (11 June 2014) @seismogenic and I talk about SF and LA faults and geology, earthquake forecasting and early warning systems, chert and serpentine, and play a bunch of earthquake music
  • (4 June 2014) I read articles from 150 year old newspapers. Then @shawnbot comes in and we talk about maps.
  • (28 May 2014) @Guero310 aka John, a unicorn second generation Mission native! We talk about Groger’s Western Wear, Valencha and the history of burritos. (In the 1980s, you could get a burrito and a coke for $2.88! And the first white guys to show up at El Farolito were punk rockers (probably coming from Valencia Tool & Die)).
  • (21 May) No guest! But I play Jeff Wayne’s epic 1978 War of the Worlds musical, and a clip from a 1964 version of  WoTW where San Francisco is attacked.
  • (14 May) Matt Graves aka @mgrooves and I talk about the 1906 British Pathé newsreel of a destroyed San Francisco, and Matt plays lots of Carrie Brownstein
  • (7 May) The Magic Curry Man! In which we discuss his Magic Curry Paste Kickstarter, maps, travel and cooking for kids. Also played a bunch of covers, including an A Capella version of Jenny (867-5309).
  • (30 April) The Return of @markasaurus! In which we discuss Judgmental Maps, both today and the 1860s, the Warriors arena, saving Twitter, exploding whales, and much much more.
  • (23 April) TK/@40goingon28 & Olu/@periqueblend
  • (16 April) @KarlTheFog (really!)
  • (9 April) @brockwinstead SF / Oakland history, Sanborn maps
  • (2 April) Taquita Justice (Frozen sing-along), @djembe (Findery), @RollOverEasy
  • (26 March) @terrapin_sf Outerlands, Richmond/Sunset, Ocean Beach
  • (19 March) Antarcticans! And Antarctic music! @sandwichgirl
  • (5 March) Nicole Gluckstern, Bikes to Books map (SF Streets named for authors/artists)
  • (26 Feb) Doc Popular / @DocPop
  • (19 Feb) Wendy “Meanwhile in San Francisco” MacNaughton aka @wendymac
  • (12 Feb) Philadelphia! @phillydesign
  • (5 Feb) Kevin Montgomery @kevinmonty of Uptown Almanac
  • (29 Jan) Jeff Wood / @theoverheadwire on urban planning & transit
  • (22 Jan) @markasaurus aka Mark Hogan on housing, architecture, coyotes
  • (15 Jan) PizzaHacker!
  • (8 Jan) @sondy the Asteroid Hunting Radio Astronomer
  •  (11 Dec) Beer and Nosh / @beerandnosh


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