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Reconnaissance Flight

October 16, 2012

The LaLeAeReFo (La Lenguan Aerospace Reconnaissance Forces) recently undertook an early morning recce flight to check La Lenguan defensive assets positioned against the Bernalian hegemony.

The EaBuRaGu (Eastern Burrito Railgun) is fully operational. (Note the dramatic shadow.)


Presuming you can cross your eyes and do that three dimensional thing, here are the slopes of Bernal. (Here’s a wigglegram if your eyes aren’t so inclined.)


(Note the rolling hills of Precitaville, which I predict will be the next Breakaway Bernal Republic.)

Some fine shots of Sutro looking over the ocean, scanning the horizon endlessly.


Sutro to GGB, and Candlestick:


Sutro rests upon its pillow of @KarltheFog:


(Click for wigglegram)

And a look back upon the Bernal Cut. The Spanish rode through here 236 years ago. The railway came through 151 years ago, and 83 years ago the cut was widened to what we know now.


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  1. October 18, 2012 1:31 pm

    Your LaLeAeReFo supporters over on the other side of the Cut are thrilled that the railgun is operational. I think El Gran Taco Loco could really use the supplier contract, burrito-industrial contract be damned!

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