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A History of the Sky

September 22, 2011

I’m not sure how I missed this — behold a composite of hundreds of days worth of time lapsed skies taken from the roof of the Exploratorium.

All time synched, one shot every 10 seconds. Remarkable, especially the rolling sunrises and sunsets.

It was created by Ken Murphy, owner and proprietor of MurphLab here in SF. More details on this ongoing timelapse project here. (It looks like a full running year of timelapses is underway.)

Other rather obscenely cool MurphLab projects include such diverse elements as:

a series of Hyper-3D Timelapses Dolores Park below. Hope you can do that eye-crossing thing. (Hopefully the 3D Cones of Distress trained you well!)

…and the Church and 30th St Muni track reconstruction weekend timelapse:

…as well as panoramic timelapses.

Just go visit MurphLab already. It’s not like you get anything done at work on Thursdays anyway.

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