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Cones of Distress – In 3D!

April 14, 2009

Sexpigeon documents the meaning of various urban signs, a la shoes hanging from a telephone wire = crack dealer, etc.

  • Pair of shoes, side-by-side: This way to haircuts.
  • Pair of shoes, toes pointed towards each other: Safe to poo between these cars.
  • Pair of shoes, toes pointed away from each other: Do not poo between these cars.

Along with many more.

Allan asks what the meaning of a “cone in a hole” is — low-rez, grainful goodness below.

I too recently noted this “cone in a hole” phenomena in La Lengua.  If you can do that eye-crossing thing, you may observe this cone IN THE THIRD DIMENSION.


“Cone in the hole” sounds like an old British Navy expression to me.  Ships often fly flags upside-down to indicate distress.  I believe this is a budgetary cry for help from the SFDPT.

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