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A Sad Day for IPA

August 12, 2013



Today is a very dark day in the history of IPA:

August 12, 1869
The [Edwin Fox] ran aground on the Coromandel Coast at 2 a.m. With assistance unavailable, the Master ordered 107 tons (446 hogsheads) of India Pale Ale jettisoned. The ship then drew herself out of the mud and reached port the next day.

In case you were wondering how much a hogshead is, the scientific measurement is A HELL OF A LOT OF IPA. 446 hogsheads would fill about THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND BOTTLES. (This might actually be more IPA than is consumed in San Francisco each day.)

This tragedy took place off the coast of India north of Chennai (as best as I can tell from the record near Machilipatnam):

So please take a moment while drinking your daily ration of IPA, and think of the emotional horrors that the crew of the Edwin Fox suffered as they rolled hogshead after hogshead of IPA overboard.

Hey Lagunitas — here is an idea for a proper memorial:

Edwin Fox IPA

Much more on the Edwin Fox, IPA, Russian cruise ships, beer and San Francisco here.


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  1. August 13, 2013 12:52 pm

    “FREE IPA FROM THE FLOATIES! It is truly a great day!” –Nearby sea life


  1. Edwin Fox: Never Forget! | Burrito Justice

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