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ゴジラ vs Shitty Kitty

July 12, 2009

Shitty Kitty has been having a rough month.  She’s been on graffiti patrol, has been stolen (not once but TWICE) and her creators are moving to Morocco.

Her latest challenge? ゴジラ, aka GODZILLA!  The bastard child of nuclear testing of the 50s has attacked Orange Alley and our saviour is none other than the esteemed Shitty Kitty.

As illustrated by Steven, there are three possible outcomes.


Brain vs Brawn (Shitty Kitty 1, Gozilla 0)


Shitty Kitty eats shit (Gozilla 1, Shitty Kitty 0)


POW! BAM! Shitty Kitty is a WINNER. (Shitty Kitty 1, Gozilla 0)


Shitty Kitty’s future is in your hands, however.  Please vote below:

And check out the other new fine art on Orange Alley. Sasquatch and friends cruising?


And many more. Anyway, a great crowd on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. Thanks to Receiver for hosting. Viva La Mision!

orange alley

And don’t forget the Shitty Kitty Bastille Day Meetup at Shotwell’s this Tuesday!

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