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Bacon Chips Update – Twitter and SF Weekly

July 9, 2009

Remember “Bill,” our mysterious bacon potato chip making friend from Dolores Park?


Shocking as this may seem, he is on Twitter as @BaconPotatoChip. For those of you who missed him in Dolores Park last weekend, he will be at the Street Food for Singles foodcartpalooza tomorrow night.

And he got a nice writeup by the SFoodie folks at SF Weekly.

He slices and fries up ordinary russets in vegetable oil, but with an innovation sure to send a ripple through the hearts of the LDL-unconcerned: He tosses bacon into the oil. When the chips are drained and seasoned, the fried and crumbled bacon joins them, with an extra piece on top. Just for eye candy, as it were.

That extra piece of bacon on top is what makes Bill our Crispy Food Marketing Scientist of the Month.  Bravo, Bill, Bravo.

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