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BART Adventure, Mystery Music

January 27, 2009

So I get to work downtown for two days — this is very exciting as it lets me avoid a car and pretend to be a BART commuter like sexpigeon (but with no pithy picture titles). Click to behold my fellow passengers.


At Powell Street Station this dude was playing some guitar.

guitar dude - it's you

(audio-only video file below)

But what song is he playing? I KNOW this song, gaaahhhh. It’s driving me nuts.  “And it’s you, you keep my thoughts worth thinking… you make this old man’s life worth living… right before things might happen… for me and forever will you stay…”

It sounds like a Colin Hay song, but I’ll be damned if I can find anything online — is he just making shit up?  Where’s the music from?

Sadly the recording misses his most excellent 30 second intro, but I take solace in his box of “Crispy Hexagons”.  Nothing quite like starting the morning with a box of Euclidean geometry.

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