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January 26, 2009

Another Mission iPhone panorama from on top of Bernal, higher resolution than the one I made a few months back.  Wraps from Twin Peaks / Sutro Tower to McLaren Park / Excelsior.


Click to zoom, 7000 pixels wide.

More dramatic lighting and fluffier clouds, and I think the hills provide nice bookends, but it doesn’t extend as far into Noe as the last one (where I sort of cheated by standing on different parts of Bernal to wrap around — too damn windy and cold up there this afternoon…)

Some detailed slices – Shotwell, Bay Bridge + Hospital Curve, 101/280 + Candlestick


Here’s the rough field of view for things farther out – Mt. Tam, Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, Bay Bridge, Berkeley, Oakland, Brisbane, San Bruno Mountain.


That, or Pac Man is attacking San Francisco — after all, it has happened before.  (This also reminds me of the funniest pie chart joke ever.)

One of these days I’ll do a 360, but it will have to wait until the sun gets higher in the sky at noon.

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