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Inauguration Panorama, Before, During and After

January 27, 2009

A fellow iPhone Panorama user made these on the Mall in DC. Just like we think of ancient Romans with the scrub-brush helmets and the 18th century British with those wigs, thousands of years from now they will think of Americans with hoodies and baseball caps.

One week later:

Ahhh, DC, so nice in both winter and summer — I can only survive there for about a week in the spring and the fall (but only two American Apparels — freedom reigns!)

And then there’s the super-zoomable monster Obama-panorama (2GB!) (warning — not taken with an iPhone…)


One nice thing about DC is The Mall — it would be nice to have a flat, open empty space to more effectively protest and celebrate in SF.  Chrissy Field is too bumpy. For now, 19th and Valencia it is.

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