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Old Moon Rising

October 30, 2009


Apollo 17 Challenger_4x_lg

Via The Planetary Society, via NASA’s LCROSS.

More Awesome:

via Japan’s Kaguya – more HD YouTube moon horizon low-angle shots here.

(Um, so why don’t we have a bunch of low earth orbit satellites beaming down shots like this of our lovely planet? I’d pay for a dedicated cable channel with an HD feed of that.)

And then we have the Earth and our Moon. And Jupiter and its moons.  As seen from Mars.

earth, moon, jupiter as seen from mars

via the Mars Global Surveyor, via JPL and NASA.

Please review your tax dollars at work – 50 years of space exploration.

50 years of spaceflight

Via Laughing Squid, via National Geographic.

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  1. Taco Truth permalink
    October 30, 2009 9:45 pm

    As someone who grew up in a space-race city, which was not unlike “Mad Men” except more nurd and less BJ, I like your spin on what is still spinning out there. Just remember that the courage that got us to the moon is mostly dead or very old right now, and the google guys aren’t up to the task of replacing it.

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