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Golden Gate DAAAAMN….

October 30, 2009

Telsar Logistics brings us some more awesome.

Telstar Logistics Golden Gate Bridge

Click for a bevy of bridge climbing photos in the Flickrstream.

Best bridge ever?  Quite possibly.  (I have a sneaking suspicion that Herb Caen was wrong. Wind my ass — it was Sutro Tower that lashed out at the Bay Bridge. )

Dear Golden Gate Bridge,

Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for being so gorgeous and so famous and so convenient for me. Thank you for never collapsing into the Bay or succumbing to terrorism. Thank you for your cables and your color. Thank you for not only being so much more attractive than your counterparts, but so much more reliable. You’re like the opposite of people, what with your good looks and yet, great personality.

Thank you for never letting suicides get you down. Thank you for tolerating tourists who videotape you while hanging out the windows of their rental cars. Thank you for keeping your shit together when everyone else is losing theirs.Thank you, Golden Gate Bridge, for being there for me throughout my entire life, for never letting me down, for getting me to school and to work every day. Thank you for your fast track lanes and charming gift shop. Thank you for your film and television appearances and your prominence in Sleep Train and Lexus commercials. Thank you, old friend, for the reassurance that when I hear a bridge breaks, I know it’s not you.

Sure, you’ve been closed a few times. Like for really horrible car accidents or because Woody Harrelson wants to save a tree. But it’s never your fault. Nothing is.

You, Golden Gate Bridge, are my favorite bridge. And I love you.

Most sincerely,
Beth Spotswood

(via Eye on Blogs).

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