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xkcd Star Wars Character Proximity Map

November 2, 2009

xkcd – droll nerd webcomic – has published what will invariably become a classic, a diagram of movie characters’ proximity vs time. Crop of the Star Wars timeline:

star wars xkcd crop

Hey, this looks like a subway map!  (Especially given R2, 3P0 and Chewie are color-coded.)

Full version also includes other lesser movies such as Lord of the Rings and Jurrasic Park:

I am ridiculously jealous I didn’t think of this first. Someone needs to do this for Gavin Newsom and the Board of Sups. (And Allan!)

Note for Mission dwellers — there is an xkcd Spanish translation. (And Russian. Превед, медведь!)

I seriously worry about the order in which my daughter will watch the Star Wars movies.  Damn well is going to be IV/V/VI if I have anything to do with it.  But what if she watches I/II/III at a sleepover?!? Nooooooo!

Muuuch later I will teach her the Star Wars drinking game. The Force is obviously a social. Other rules (that I remember):

  • Something doesn’t work on the Millennium Falcon.
  • Sexual tension between Han and Leia.
  • A planet is described as having a single environment.
  • Stormtrooper armor fails.
  • Luke whines about something (whoever gets this one is seriously screwed).
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  1. June 11, 2012 12:09 am

    Awesome! We once did a Chipotle drive at Oregon State, and it was incredible bucaese after the drive you could see the place packed with folks who still had their bandage on. And the food was great, of course!


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