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August 27, 2009

Putting on my Plug1 hat for a moment:

iPhone Panorama of the Bay Bridge to Alcatraz, with the Ferry Building in front.

alcatraz to bay bridge

Click the image to zoom all 4500 pixels, or view the same in my patent-pending SquishVision. Revel in all 450×450 pixels of awkward fake fisheye lensing.

fake fisheye bay bridge

I was in Hawaii last week. Very nice, but ridiculously humid.  The fan was my friend.

fan ceiling panorama

Lots of palm trees.

palm tree and canoes


waving palms

hawaii sunset

I rather enjoyed drinking kona coffee and/or Mehano Volcano Red Ale underneath these palms, or in a chair where the ocean stopped the lava.


But I wouldn’t want to be around during an eruption — the vastness of lava fields are sobering.


(via Dennis Flanagan, USDA Soil Erosion Lab).

And these USGS timelapse videos are nuts. Yet people build subdivisions right next to the calderas.  WTF? (Click to play)

Picture 232

If you’re between the volcano and the sea, you just pack up your things and get out the way.

Amber Oakleys make a decent iPhone filter, but they do not encourage steady holding of iPhones while making animated GIFs of our friend the ocean.

amber waves

I do like how I caught the rays of the sun — click on the animated GIF to get the individual frames in something higher than 8-bit color.

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  1. August 27, 2009 10:14 pm

    amazing how that fisheye effect works.

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