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MSF, Brown Rice Even a Carnivore Can Love

February 28, 2009

Last Thursday wasn’t Mission Street Food’s finest hour, but as Jesse notes, it’s the risk you take to get the cool end of the bell curve.  (And check out Karen’s note – if Thursday was your first night, they want to make it up to you.)

Tonight was triple fantastic.  I’m with Allan — the Sesame Avocado Brown Rice was phenomenal, whether with pork belly or broccoli rabe, and those wings lived up to the billing. And for the vegetarians, Lung Shan’s dumpling miso was solid, even from an omnivore’s perspective. (Proof? No pictures!)

But seriously folks, you don’t all need to line up at 5:30.  Spread it out a little!  There was no line at 8.

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