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Mission Street Food — Saturday Night Specials

February 9, 2009

Quick notes, no pix:

  • lines reasonable, though people seemed to be sitting longer than on Thursdays
  • they have a deal on drinks at the Beauty Bar while you wait
  • Jubelale makes its triumphant return
  • miso tasty; VSF #1, PB&J and pannacotta steadfast favorites, will taught about in schools 1000 years from now
  • brownie too dry.  maybe melt the brie?
  • Aged Angus Ribeye on Focaccia (AARF?) was stunning. I had two. I wanted three but we had to go.  I look forward to AARF’s imminent return.
  • bring back the Mission Melt!

All in all a good first Saturday night.

Hey, MSF, how about a twitter feed for the length of the line, drinks, and when you run out of dishes?

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