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Burritoeater Map

December 4, 2013
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As many of you may know, Burritoeater is shutting things down when they hit their 1000th post.

The End of Mustaches 

It’s true: After ten years on the San Francisco taqueria beat, will no longer be regularly updated as of late 2013. We’re out to hit the 1000-review plateau…and once we do, it’s curtains. 

Don’t look like that; don’t be sad. Celebrate! Celebrate the end of an era that’s been rife with cast-aside aluminum foil, oblique recollections of lunch, and of course, mustaches.

We here at Burrito Justice have great admiration and respect for Burritoeater (even if people got us confused with them). Using advanced HTML scraping and geolocation, we made a map of all 156 taquerias and trucks that they reviewed over the years, and color-coded the reviews. Red bad, green good.



Dynamic, clickable, zoomable map with hover-over over at MapBox. You get more detail as you zoom in:

burritoeater mission labels

Thanks TileMill! And thanks Stamen for your dotspotting geocoder!

Thanks for everything Burritoeater! Fret not though, not all is lost — the Burritoeater Top 30 Taqueria App will still be updated.

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  1. December 4, 2013 4:41 pm

    Burritoeater was the first BRIT (Burrito-Related Internet Thing) I liked and he will be missed. His writing was absolutely priceless. I’ll add the Burritoeater t-shirt to my RIP SF Icons drawer (includes Brian Wilson sweatshirt).

    The map is amazing!


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