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Karl the Fog’s MRI

June 5, 2013

Like athletes before the big season, @KarltheFog is in training. I managed to get hold of his MRI from his physical and things are looking good:


The colors are temperature, and the hatched lines are Karl.

This is from the microwave profiler from Fort Ord down in Monterey, which shows temperature and wind speed. The microwaves reveal Karl’s modus operandi:

Normally you would expect temperature to decrease with altitude. Since we are subject to inversions the temperature will decrease and then get sharply higher. This is the bottom of the inversion. Fog will form under this.

In other @karlthefog news, @rrmutt has taken advantage of Flickr’s new 1TB storage cap to upload HD video of @karlthefog’s near daily sunset dance with Sutro.


Here we see Karl fucking with Sutro:


On this day, Karl was just angry. (Must have been the day after his fogoscopy.)


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