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Good Night, Sweet Prince

September 21, 2012

Behold Endeavour. Never again will a Space Shuttle be airborne.

Taquita Justice and I ventured over to Treasure Island to watch the funeral marchflyover.Anthony Brown, penguinologist, captured this flyby atop Bernal.

Endeavour about to fly behind Sutro (via @jetdillo):

And the reverse angle, via David McSpadden:

Via the Marin Headlands by Murphlabs aka @obeyken (bonus: Golden Gate Bridge!)

I tried to get a Sutro-Endeavour shot on the second pass with the real camera, but autofocus lag and the Transamerica Pyramid betrayed me. But thankfully, SomaFM must have been standing
ridiculously close to me, rescuing the day with this glorious photo:


And Richard Mlynarik got this shot atop Hawk Hill:

Even more over at Bernalwood and SFist.

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