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SF and Sutro from the Dish Redux

December 3, 2011

So here’s a much better panorama from the Dish above Stanford taken with a real camera, stitched together with Hugin (a powerful but incredibly opaque application, yikes).

It’s a giant one, 32K pixels wide, that goes about 90 degrees from Sutro to 92. (Click to zoom, unless you happen to have a 32K wide monitor…)

Downtown SF (and a United widebody):

And of course, Sutro:

Below Sutro are the buildings by Oyster Point on 101.

SSF, “The Industrial City” (also known as “El Ciudad de La Tapatia“)

I was surprised to see the Golden Gate Bridge sneaking in beside the big hill by Candlestick / Bayview Park (does it have a name)?

That’s the north tower, and those are the streets of the south side of Bernal immediately below it.  (The red part of Bernal merges into Candlestick hill. The north tower is blocked by Corona Heights, but I think you can just make out the tippy top of it.)

If this is making your brain hurt like mine, here’s the point of view from the GGB that may help:

And the view looking towards the GGB, over and between the hills (that’s Bernal just to the right of the yellow sightline).

And that’s this week in San Francisco at a distance.

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