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Mt Shasta Flyby

July 24, 2011

At least I think it’s Shasta – those Cascades get confusing. (This may take a minute to load.)

Took it via the iPhone + zoom lens from the Space Needle-Sutro Tower gondola (kidding, the flight from YYJ to SFO). Used GIF Factory to make it, which is OK but it really could use a way to adjust / nudge / align images after the fact, and the resolution is meh. Also doesn’t handle saving that well when you don’t have a network connection. iMotion HD (what I used for the Sutro timelapse) has a better interface but only does video.

(Man is it a pain in the ass to upload animated GIFs. Can’t save them in the iPhone’s photo album. Emailed it to tumblr but it only came up as one frame. Such are the digital burdens I bear.)

Anyway, here’s a higher rise shot of our big mountain:


And Mount Baker, at the other end of the Cascades:


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