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Mission in Motion

July 23, 2010

The Mission in motion, as seen by moving Flickr photographers:

Better yet, watch it grow dynamically (requires a web browser that supports HTML 5 canvas — if you’re using IE, don’t bother.)

In dots aren’t your thing, you can watch the vectors.

SF Bay:

(SF Bay vectors.)

Burrito Justice reader Concerned Guajolote was kind enough to write a script to parse Eric Fischer’s geotagged photo data, details here. CG made indexes for the top 100 cities in Eric Fischer’s geotagged atlas, so if you are handy with both the latitude and longitude, you can see your city in motion using this URL syntax.

Added bonus — Active Pass, on the ferry route between Victoria and Vancouver where several hard turns are made between narrow island straights.

(Click on image to see dots in motion, or here for vectors.) For some perspective, here’s a map, as well as some aerial shots on Flickr. And a couple of representitive shots (links in images). It’s pretty narrow:

The ferries pass close enough for people to wave at each other.

This is looking to the east.

Zoom on the pass itself (click to see dots in motion, or the vector version)

I don’t think I can embed HTML 5 frames, so here’s a slowed down video version:

Thanks to Concerned Guajolote once again for the post-processing.

Definitely worth taking the ferry in the summer – it’s rather glorious. But do call ahead and get a reservation (or take the bus onto the ferry) or you’ll easily have a 2 or even 3 ferry wait at either end.

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  1. Concerned Guajolote permalink
    July 25, 2010 2:41 pm

    It’s a treat to be on your blog — thanks johnnyO! Btw I realized a couple of days ago when I was working on an inter-neighborhood kind of visualization that the best name for La Lengua resident is “lengüense” — you get a diéresis thrown in for free (and it’s grammatically necessary.) Was looking over past comments here and about 9 months ago the first substantial one began with the words “This Eric Fisher guy is on a tear.” I had no idea…


  1. Viva La Lengua Libre! « Burrito Justice

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