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Guerrero Park Makes The NYT

September 23, 2009

SFCityscape and Streetsblog SF alerts us to New York Times coverage of Guerrero Park!

NYT Guerrero Park

Allison Arieff writes:

One of the first three pilot parks was created to transform a dangerous and poorly conceived intersection (below) at 28th and San Jose Streets on the outskirts of San Francisco’s Mission District.

In 1947 San Francisco planned to build a new freeway here, and in preparation for doing so the city tore down or moved close to 200 homes in this neighborhood. The homes you see above on the right-hand side of San Jose Avenue were lifted and moved back onto their backyards to make room for the project. A protest stopped the freeway from happening, but little could be done in the way of reparations for these displaced families. Half a century later, some of those families are getting their yards back — though now they’re out front.

Landscape architect Jane Martin , who designed the San Jose/Guerrero park, had no problem finding treasure in the city’s trash: her park plan uses trees felled in a storm and old air ducting made from stainless steel as giant planters for a broad array of plantings ranging from agave to apple trees.

….These plantings and plaza aren’t just about aesthetics: the expanding array of planting projects along with other traffic calming measures, dedicated pedestrian enforcement stings and new traffic signals, the collision rate for the 11 blocks on Guerrero between Cesar Chavez and Randall Street, where the San Jose/Guerrero park is located, has been reduced by 53 percent since 2004.

(Now only if Google Earth would update their images so all the work I’ve done in my backyard would show up, arrrgh.)

This original intersection seems really shocking now.

A barren wasteland (SF.Streetsblog/Matthew Roth)

A barren wasteland (SF.Streetsblog/Matthew Roth)

Trees Please

This is better.

Thanks once again to Gillian, Jane Martin, Andreas and the city’s Pavement to Parks team, as well as the DPW crew.

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  1. September 23, 2009 5:23 pm

    Thanks are in order to CPMC for its generous sponsorship of Guerrero Park!

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