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No-Notice St. Luke’s Planning Meeting – Tonight at 6:30 PM

September 16, 2009

Our friends at CPMC have decided to throw a party but not invite the neighbors.

A meeting regarding the future of St. Luke’s will be held tonight (Wednesday the 16th) at 6:30 PM in the Administrative Conference Room. (Enter from the main entrance on CC, go straight past the elevators up the ramp, first hallway on the left.)

CPMC’s PR agency theoretically called people living nearby, but no one we know on Duncan, Tiffany or Guerrero got invited.  If you live nearby please go and let them know your thoughts on their plans.

Current tower and layout:


Proposed 110′ replacement tower on current doctor’s lot:


If you go, please tell them we want them to build the medical office building on the corner, not a 110′ foot that is being pushed through in dark of night.

The future of medicine, our neighborhood and the viability and vitality of St. Luke’s, is not in the inpatient hospital building they propose to build in the Physician’s Parking Lot, but in building an office building where doctors see their patients: outpatient offices, urgent care, ambulatory services.

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  1. Kevin McCormack permalink
    September 17, 2009 5:17 pm

    CPMC had no intention of slighting anyone when we held a meeting on Wednesday at St. Luke’s. The meeting was a quickly organized event to help us get a sampling of ideas and opinions from a small group of people in the community about the latest designs for St. Luke’s. We did this in preparation for the joint meeting of the San Francisco Health and Planning Commissions on Thursday 17th, which was talking about CPMC’s overall Institutional Master Plan. Rest assured, no concrete decisions were made at the community meeting; we simply wanted to get feedback from a small group of neighbors. We still have a long way to go in this whole process and there will be many more meetings to come on the design issue. Everyone that wants a chance to review and comment on our proposals as they evolve will have an opportunity. We look forward to working with you in the future and to receiving your continued feedback.
    Kevin McCormack, Media Relations manager CPMC

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