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Sunday Streets – Mission Edition, Part II.V

July 19, 2009

Continued from Part II this morning and Part I last month.

Hello, my beautiful little pork sliders. Pal’s, doing an excellent job as always — their sandwiches taste even better while standing in the middle of the street surrounded by bicycles and strollers.

pal's pork sliders

Paper horse:

sunday streets horse

Bike crossing:

sunday streets 24th and mission right of way

Roller soccer.  (Hey, anyone up for street hockey next year?)

roller soccer

Down low:

yellow line

Lots of music:



The Ferocious Few were quite good.

the ferocious few

Anyway, a great afternoon. I hope it turns into a monthly event.

But please, Please, PLEASE keep this going until 4pm next time around.

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