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Shitty Kitty 肉管 (Meat Pipe), George Orwell & Morocco

July 15, 2009

Comrades! Our glorious meatpipe revolution starts NOW!  A burrito in every pot!

meat pipe

So said (and drew) our Shitty Kitty friends at Telephone and Soup last night at the Shotwell Bastille Day festivities. More revolutionary pictures there, including general laughter at the fate of being guillotined by a foam board blade, and the horror of an innocent burrito becoming bifurcated.

Anyway, this Saturday you can catch some foam board action at the studio before T&S leave for Morocco.

p.s.  Speaking of Morocco, check out the George Orwell Diaries.  The Orwell Prize is blogging his diary entries from 70 years ago to the day. He spent ‘last winter’ in Morocco recovering from a lung haemmorage — some amazing entries (if you don’t mind wading through notes on his garden and how many eggs his chickens laid).

The ‘current’ entries focus on the fascinating and horrifying buildup to WWII.

  • Poland states that Danzig will be occupied if Danzig Senate declares for the Reich.
  • Conscription of all persons 18-55 ordered in Hong Kong, but evidently so phrased as to apply chiefly to Chinese & allow exemption to most of the whites.
  • More reports of fighting on the Manchukuo border, sufficient to indicate that fighting (prob. inconclusive) has actually taken place.
  • Explusion of foreigners from Italian Tyrol does not include Americans. Rumours that purpose is to cover movements of German troops into Italy.
  • Public Information Leaflet No. 2 (masking windows etc.) issued today. German visitors state gas masks have not been distributed in Germany.

The Orwell Prize people have linked to many of the original articles that Orwell references. Should make for some interesting summer reading — only two months until Germany invades Poland.

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