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SOMA Food Pulse

June 7, 2009

My favorite SOMA-Baby website, BuboBlog, has been doing a crack job covering food news in his neighborhood.

  • live reports from the Chez Spencer french food truck, with graffiti referenes – “we were definitely excited about being able to buy escargot, frog legs and other French fare without leaving our graffiti-strewn alleyway”
  • graffiti commentary and strategy — the graffiti box!
  • rightful suspicion of new restaurant/bar activity at Julie’s Supper Club – “The bartender directed [the police] to the owner when asked about a liquor license. The bartender then fled from the club. The owner grabbed cash off the bar area and fled to the bathroom. One officer followed her and saw her stuff cash into her shoe. About $500 from the owner’s sock and about $900 more was seized, along with DJ equipment and turntables.”

Nick also notes the arrival of Heaven’s Dog, new upscale chinese restaurant by Charles Phan of Slanted door fame – “pretty good” (and no dogs). He then shares rumors of Mr. Phan’s potential entry into the food truck market (via the Wall Street Journal —  kind of scary that the WSJ is covering “street food”…)

One fan of Mr. Odermatt’s truck is chef Charles Phan, of San Francisco’s Slated Door fame, who likes the truck’s “really yummy” porchetta sandwich of roasted pork loin rolled into pork belly and sliced onto a French roll. He says the truck’s open design reminds him of street food in his home country, Vietnam. Mr. Phan says he is also in the early phases of planning his own lunch truck business, which would also allow consumers to observe the food.

“Observe the food” – what, like a food zoo?  All I care about is observing the food entering my mouth.

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