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Kogi BBQ Taco Truck — The Video

June 3, 2009

Not that we have any shortage of mobile food around these parts, but a local Kogi BBQ Taco Truck (“probably the most famous Korean BBQ twittering taco truck on the planet”) would be pretty awesome. Clip from Current TV infoMania:

kogi tacos

I have got to get down there and try it one of these days.  Oh, California bullet train,  if only you already existed…

Current TV’s infoMania did a piece on them, click on the image below to watch the (mildly obnoxious) Ben Hoffman interview the hardest working twittering korean bbq taco truck on this sphere we call earth.

kogi truck video

I suggest Current TV send over a couple of Kogi tacos to Kim Jong Il as trade for those Current TV reporters under arrest in North Korea. California mobile food technology — perhaps our strongest international bargaining chip.

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