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Panini Awesometown

March 8, 2009

mei over at Family Styles recent went on a corporate panini rampage.

as president and executive producer of corporate grilled cheese innovations, i would like to introduce our newest offering: the carefully architected grilled cheese production lunch hour. should you be interested in exploring the comprehensive and exhaustively researched grilled cheese initiative,  the resulting achievement of stated business objectives may resemble the following:

mei notes that the technical term for this is “grilled-cheese-at-your-office-and-in-your-face-awesometown“. I fully concur.

I am glad to live in awesometown where the creation of panini at the workplace is encouraged if not celebrated. In fact, governments worldwide hereby DEMAND “corpanini“.

Seeing this, I simply cannot wait until the start of the business week. I move to immediately make a panini for brunch here at the Hall of Burrito Justice. My only value-add is to use olive oil rather than butter, but such is the decision of each paninista.

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