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Yes We Can (Eat)

January 23, 2009

Huuuge MSF line (go SFgate!) but worth the wait.


They handed out chiccarones as snacks to those waiting outside.

chicarrones mmm-pie
slocombe bud-and-ice-cream


The cornbread and panna cotta was astounding. And Slocombe sure knows their ice cream.

Three Germans and a Frenchman I work with were in town and I dragged them along.  MSF now has international approval:

  • The Germans loved the Beans and Weenies (yeah, Germans and sausages, I know. But ironically they like the beans the best.)  Rocky Road doesn’t translate well but they figured it out pretty quickly.
  • Of the whole thing, the Frenchman said “It’s… original.  But it’s wonderful.  Worth the wait. Four stars.”  This was before the mind-blowing cornbread and panna cotta. I think he would have bumped it up at that point but they don’t like fractions, and apparently you don’t give multiple stars for the food?  Anyway, he approved — France loves America again!

Benton and his bacon — no pictures, you know what that means. Damn. Brain melting indeed.

The chicken was the surprise of the night — didn’t expect it as a sandwich.  Kick-ass spicy.  It worked.  We welcome our new sandwich to the MSF family!

Pictures by a real photographer over at Beer & Nosh.

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  1. January 23, 2009 12:02 pm

    agreed on the chicken sandwich. But what I think you’ll really like, is the massive panorama i took on my iphone:

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