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David Lee Roth + Microsoft = Running with the Devil, Indeed

January 13, 2009

This is perhaps the funniest thing I have heard since I first got a computer.

I was weeping by the end of it, unable to breath. I don’t what’s funnier, the dissonance or actually listening to the lyrics.  (David has the little tirade at 1:25 I must say.)

Does this prove that Microsoft is indeed the devil?  Or is Songsmith is the best piece of software they’ve ever made?  I’m not quite sure.

But oh dear god I just CAN’T STOP LISTENING TO IT (please help)


This Microsoft ad for Songsmith is so genuinely horrific, yet I had to share. Like, “Hey, this spoiled milk taste awful, try it!” Oh, the humanity. (Thanks for the emotional scarring, Daring Fireball.)

I stopped watching after the dad stole his devil child’s laptop took it to the coffee shop and started singing to it in front of the barista, and they come skipping over to watch. I just couldn’t take it any more. I felt bad for the actors.

What’s worse — that the actors willingly did this, or that someone at Microsoft actually thought the ad would be a good idea?

The DLR ‘remix’ at the top of the song will seem cleansing in comparison after watching any of this utterly, fascinatingly BAD piece of work.  (Yet I how love the top song! Such a confusing range of emotions!)

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