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Mission Bar Review

October 21, 2008
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Nice Mission bar review by Bay or Bust.

Elbo Room *is* pretty dark but I’m OK with that. My European friends LOOOVE it when they are in town. The upstairs is decent, but good god does it get ridiculously hot up there. Time for some roof fans, Elbonians.

Food at the Phoenix is surprisingly good. 500 Club and Make Out Room are solid. This Inner Mission Beer Parlor intrigues me.

I also like Latin American Club, especially if you can get the table at the little stage in the back. Rather tasty (and deadly powerful) margaritas there, plus they are cool if you bring in a burrito from El Faralito. And of course there’s The Knockout.

But you can’t beat sitting outside with beer in hand at Zeitgeist on a nice day. I am a big fan of the outdoor beer. It’s half the reason I have a backyard.

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  1. October 22, 2008 11:18 pm

    dude…that’s heaven right there!

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