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Indie Music of Mystery – Mother Mother

October 13, 2008
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Burrito Justice is not just about food. It is often enjoyable to listen to music while eating food. (Mission Street Food rocked out Thursday night with portable speakers, for example.)

Anyway, as part of the Canadian Mafia, I have access to some indie music I bet you don’t know about but I think you will like as it is good and clever. (Please do not make any Celine Dion jokes. She is Canada’s weapon of mass destruction — if you piss us off, there is lots more “talent” we can deploy from Quebec. (You think we’re kidding? One word –“Cirque de Soleil”…))

Anyway, you should check out Mother Mother — they’re from Quadra Island (just off my own island, Vancouver Island). They just came out with their 2nd album, O My Heart. I am horrible at describing music but it has the good rhythm, and the guitars, and the vocals. (Crap, I had better work on this.) But their songs are solid, they have an extremely distinct sound, and damn do they build. They stick in your head, but in the good way. And then people will say, “My, what insanely cool song is that person whistling? I had better check Burrito Justice to find out, as that is the t-shirt they are wearing.” Or they might ask you. Luckily you are prepared:

Body of Years from their new album, O My Heart via iTunes, not out yet on the Amazon mp3 store

Polynesia from their first album, Touch Up via iTunes, or Amazon

Best news of all? They are playing at the Hotel Utah on Nov 5! (I just figured this until after I started writing this post – I love the Internet!) That’s a mere 7 blocks from the Mission, so it’s OK to go. And $8! That’s like 1.5 burritos. See you there Nov 5.

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