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Handy iPhone apps

iPhone apps I find useful (sorry, haven’t updated this much lately, but still relevant)

App Features
  • Features: Seamless stitching of photos for wiiiide things like this and this
  • Pros: Faster, higher rez, more stable and better designed that the other iPhone panorama app \ Saves work if interrupted
  • Cons: Kind of expensive (but well worth it given it can do a 360 panorama). Not updated recently, but still works well in iOS4.
Free ‘Basic’ version
$2 ‘Pro’ version
  • Features: Arrange and layer photos around a sphere \ Stretches but does not stitch. Think Hockney, or tiles — like this
  • Pros: Great GUI, easy and fun to drag and rotate pictures \ Cool results.
  • Cons: If you want seamless, use Panorama \ Can crash with more than 15 images
  • Features: Streaming audio/radio
  • Pros: Extensive station directory \ Handles pretty much every format out there, even wma/asf \ Great support — contact them to confirm if your favorite station is supported before buying.
  • Cons: No Real Audio support \ Some stations using windows media formats have whacked cookie registration that don’t work properly (but email their support, sometimes they can fix it)
No monthly fee.
1.5¢/min to Canada
3¢ to the UK
1¢ to China 

Handy comparison table

  • Features: Cheap international calling (pseudo call-back) \ iPhone Web app with dialer and address book
  • Pros: 1/10th or 1/20th AT&T’s usurious international rates. (AT&T=20 to 60¢/min to Canada? WTF? I’m calling Canada, not Ghana) \ No monthly fees
  • Cons:
    Not a WiFi VOIP app like TruPhone – requires dial tone, so not helpful if you are roaming on AT&T outside of the US \ Not a true iPhone app, so does not tie into iPhone address book \ Pain in the ass to add numbers to web address book \ Reauthentication happens way too often (once a week or so)
  • Features: VOIP app + SIP + Skype + IM client (Google, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ)
  • Pros: Simple to use / integrates with iPhone address book
  • Cons: Can’t group contacts / hard to tell who is on what service people are on / VOIP has some latency / doesn’t run in the background unless you jailbreak your iPhone
iTeleport (Jaadu)
screen + keyboard: $25
screen + mouse only: $10
  • Features: Kick-ass VNC (screen sharing) client — jaadu = magic
  • Pros: auto-discovery of VNC hosts (i.e. any Mac with screen sharing on your local network) / works very well over distance (if you know how to configure ports on your router) / arrow key control means you can use it as a remote control for PowerPoint
  • Cons: Ridiculously expensive, but it does the job better than any other VNC client out there — it literally is magic
$1 (usually $6)
  • Features: You fly a helicopter by tilting the iPhone, and get to blow stuff up
  • Pros: Ridiculously entertaining, controls are fantastic, best iPhone game I’ve played
  • Cons: You will end up playing it way too much
  • Features: Track flights, gate changes, baggage claim —, but optimized for your iPhone
  • Pros: way faster than digging though poorly designed web pages / flight status maps with weather / shake iPhone to get a random flight
  • Cons: Can’t zoom into maps / no estimate of flight time remaining
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  1. December 5, 2008 5:54 pm

    Details on AT&T vs Packet8 vs TruPhone long distance pricing:

  2. April 26, 2010 12:17 pm

    Go To There provides real time arrival predictions for public transit agencies all across the US and Canada. If you ever use Nextbus, Go To There is the app for you.

  3. October 1, 2010 2:10 pm

    Def check out the Scoutmob app:

    Bringing you the sweetest justice: cheap eats and local deals.

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