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Sutro Time Machine

August 20, 2013

Last night’s lightning revealed many secrets about Bay Area infrastructure. First, this photo by @wxmann reveals exactly how Imperial AT-ATs are made:

lighting cranes emeryville

zoom and enhance:

lighning at-at

oakland at-at

As long time readers will remember, Sutro is no stranger to lightning, as we saw last year.

sutro lightning strike

However, @SFEricM captured a rather dramatic backdrop last night:

lightning sutro

Apparently last night’s storm was enough to allow Sutro to TRAVEL BACK IN TIME, as discovered by @jasonbentley:

sutro time machine

Looking through my archives, strangely enough, I am now finding pictures of Sutro in many historical eras! Behold this 1889 Edison-era footage of Sutro:

Sutro 1889a

Sutro 1889a FTW

If you find any evidence of Sutro prior to 1973, please let me know and I’ll insert it here.

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