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¡Burrito!: The Musical

May 20, 2013

Thanks to this tweet by @DanJackson415

…the all-powerful and benevolent @40goingon28 has created a first draft of ¡Burrito!: The Musical. It is an epic journey worthy of both the burrito and San Francisco.

There is tradition:

Act I

Carlos and Esmerelda are the proprietors of La Tradición, a small, independent burrito parlor that serves a loyal and grateful clientele.  Each burrito is lovingly handcrafted, and they use only the finest ingredients.  People come from far and wide for their specialty, the “Burrito Zafiro,” made with a blue tortilla.

Song: “Beans and Rice and Love”

There is drama:

One day, a stranger comes into the store.  He introduces himself as E. Conommy Ofscale and tells Carlos and Esmerelda he works for Burrito Bandito.  They greet the stranger warmly and offer to prepare him a Supreme with Carne Asada to welcome the new business to town, but he refuses, explaining that he doesn’t really eat burritos. Ofscale tells Carlos and Esmerelda that they had better get ready; Burrito Bandito is coming to town and would crush them like it crushes all its competition – with ultra-cheap mass-produced burritos, an ad campaign targeted at Thought Leaders, and plenty of Tostitos brand salsa.  Carlos and Esmerelda look aghast.  “What, you don’t put lettuce in your burritos?,” Ofscale asks.  Esmerelda faints to the floor.

Song: “What Have You Done To My Burrito”

There is tragedy:

Act II

Burrito Bandito is booming while business at La Tradición has fallen off, largely fueled by the runaway success of Burrito Bandito’s Burrito de Blue Tortilla.  Carlos and Esmerelda are sadly contemplating closing the store.

Song: “I Will Water My Cilantro With Tears”

There is intrigue:

The next day, a mysterious young man comes into the store.  He peruses the menu and asks for an al pastor with no cheese and extra jalapenos.  As Carlos prepares the burrito, he suddenly realizes: “Gaspar! Is that you?”  The man smiles and nods, removing the Google Glass and startup sweatshirt he was wearing as a disguise.  “Yes, it is I!,” Gaspar says.  He tells them he is here to help them battle the evil corporate chain.

Song: “A Molotov Is the Spiciest Salsa Of All”

You will have to travel to blogspot to read the full thing, but I think we can all agree that TK is in line for an EGOT as ¡Burrito!: The Musical will invariably become a crossover hit.

Also, I took the liberty of animating TK’s poster.

burrito fuse

If someone can draw an exploding burrito, feel free.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. May 20, 2013 4:23 pm

    Nice work! Now we have to figure out how to animate the actual printed posters when they come out and we’ll be all set.

  2. May 21, 2013 9:35 am

    You know, it’s all fun and games horsing around the blogosphere, but this is about 3 clicks away from an actual production. Killing My Lobster and the SF Mime Troupe have done more with less.

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