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La Lengua Street Fair on 29th St

November 2, 2012

Saddest. Street fair. Ever.


Ha, kidding! It’s the rapture!


(10000 pixel panorama, click to zoom.)

Actually, it’s some sort of road paving. (I hope.)

Here’s a polar projection, just to confuse you further.


Let me briefly put on my grumpy old man hat and request that the city put in some sort of bollard/barricade/planters to keep people from making u-turns at 29th & Tiffany. (Or a trebuchet — that would work too.)

(And I hear the city won’t let Front Porch add a parklet in front of their entrance. Too close to a driveway/the Safeway entrance or something like that? Boo! I demand a balustrade.)

Shot east on 29th looking towards Mission, just because I like the colors.


(Whoa, this image is exactly 3300 pixels wide.)

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