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SF Sunset Timelapse

November 14, 2011

Fun with timelapses during last night’s sunset:

5 minutes, one shot per second, replayed at 30 frames per second. (Note: I do not recommend holding up your iPhone for 300 seconds.) Shot with iMotion HD and stabilized with Movie Stiller.

Part of the reason I held my hands in the air like I cared not was I hoped to catch a plane flying by.  Being the eternal optimist, I tried again and presto! A plane flew over (though not with the sunset-lit contrail I was hoping for).

For some reason Vimeo’s choking on this particular video but you can look at it over at my Tumblr. You can see the plane’s lights at the very end. I thought my upward pan (handheld!) was rather clever if I may say so myself.

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