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Bjork Is Angry

April 18, 2010

The Norsk institutt for luftforskning — you probably know them better for their 1985 album “Hunting High and Low” and the #15 hit Take On Me — a ha ha ha. Anyway, NILU, or the Norwegian Institute for Air Research recently released a released a rather sobering computer model of Iceland’s ash flowing over Europe. Here’s the prediction for the 20th.

I took the liberty of looping and speeding up their timelapse video, thus saving NILU’s FTP server from certain doom.

Doesn’t it move just like smoke from a cigarette?

My sympathies to all those stuck in airports right now. Friends of mine stranded in Ireland slept in the movie theater of the 14 hour ferry to France in an effort to get to a cab to any train to Paris.

Also, I thought I was being Mr. Clever Person by telling people that 6 days on the boat between the UK and NYC would be much better that sleeping in any of the world’s finest airports. (You’d also get to sing the “I’m on a Boat” song.  Until fellow refugees threw you overboard.) Alas the Cunard sailing is already sold out.

(Thanks to Dr. Jeff Masters’ blog on the Weather Underground for the pointer to NILU map.)

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