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Bernal Bernal Everywhere

October 23, 2009

Updates to the El Rio Mission/Valencia history post — UC Berkeley has the 1857 map for the Bernal land claim settlement – the tract is enormous, click to see the entire thing.  But here we zoom to “Widow Carmen Bernal’s House”.  (J.C. Bernal died in 1842, and the family spent five years in US courts securing the land grant after California was admitted to the U.S.)

1856 Bernal tract

The Bernal house was on the north side of what would become Duncan, under what is now the SE corner of the St. Luke’s parkade. Here’s a snippet of the land grant map I loaded into Google Earth:

1857 Bernal tract overlay GE

Click image to zoom, or see the entire map on Calisphere.

Note this matches up perfectly with the 1859 US Coast Survey map. (The red rectangle is El Rio.)

1859 US coast survey, 1857 bernal plat

Plus they got this fine seal:

1857 Bernal plat seal

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