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Flash Flood

October 19, 2009


flash flood

(Go pay Weather Underground $10 a year and you too get the cool longer radar loop.)

My street had manhole covers popping up exuding a mysterious brown material, along with RATS!  Ugggggh, what a wonderful smell we have discovered. But this pales in comparison to escalator water drama.

And here we have San Francisco’s new elevated canal system:

SF 101S by UPS

Note – if the 101 canal is backed up, I recommend taking the 280 aqueduct:

SF 280 @ Mariposa

And Mission Mission covers more flooding at 18th & Shotwell:

Shotwell and 18th was originally marsh on the edge of the Mission Lagoon, at the foot of the creek that ran down from Twin Peaks (via the 1859 coast survey map).

Old 18th St Creek, Dolores Park to Treat

Old 18th St Creek and Mission Lagoon

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