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Ou Est Le Chat de Merde?

June 26, 2009

Dearest Art Thieves:

When you steal a two-dimensional animal/mascot, rule number one is to take pictures and post them online.

In the case of the missing Shitty Kitty from Shotwells, the creators WANT you to send them pictures.

This past Monday someone stole the above Shitty Kitty cut out from Shotwell’s bar.

One cut out stolen seemed like a random act of Shitty Kitty admiration. Now that a second one is gone it is clear that someone (or some folks) really like these cut outs. That makes Casey and I very happy.

But we really would like to know what you’re doing with that Shitty Kitty cutout and Bastille Kitty. Please send us pictures. Write us an account of the heist. A postcard. Something. Email us at info (a)

Their goal?  Get pictures of Bastille Kitty before Bastille Day (July 14th).  Are you up to the challenge, art thieves?

Their newest challenge:

Can you take Birthday Kitty with Dave all in your face at the bar?

Good luck.

Or if that seems impossible just come along to our next meet up. We can make you more Shitty Kittys on the spot. I was at Shotwell’s last night and Tommy (co-owner with Dave) and I were thinking about making the next Shitty Kitty meet up on Bastille day. (That’s July 14th for all of you non-francophiles.) Long live the revolution!

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