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Swoops The Bird, Pick Your Friends Wisely

June 21, 2009

Dear Swoops the Bird, you are cute and all, and as a dad I totally respect you protecting your family.

But as you grow your little revolution, don’t get the pigeons involved (as seems to be the case below). Seriously, that’s just gross.


Pigeons are NOTORIOUS for delusions of grandeur. I bet you this is what that pigeon is thinking:

hawk ship claws

hawk vs buck

hawk claws in ship

(Here’s the link to this ever-classic Buck Rogers episode, Time of the HAAAAWWWWWWK. A two-parter no less!)

I knew Hawk, and Pigeon is no Hawk. Sadly, Pigeon’s pretensions also lead him to believe he has hair like this:


By the way, not only did Hawk have one of the coolest ships ever, he had the coolest joystick EVER:

hawk joystick

Oh, early 80’s TV, you gave us so much yet asked for so little…

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