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Why Did The Taco Truck Cross The Street?

June 8, 2009

I will treat the punchline as a rhetorical question as I am only coming up with horrible puns at the moment.  (Surprising, I know…)

Mission Local reports that our favorite El Tonayense truck may have come to an agreement with the police on a new location — 20 to 40 feet up the road.

“The new location would put the truck across the street from Mission Cliffs, the place, Santana said, where most of his customers come from.  He added that his new location “has more of a view” than another proposal that would move him near the PG&E building.”

Hopefully this indicates that a reasonable balance has been struck between protecting student health and delicious taco freedom. (Though I still want to try the burritos and tacos that are served in the John O’Connell High beanery.)


More details of the Tonayense negotiations over at MenuPagesSF.

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