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With Animal Frenemies Like These…

June 1, 2009

The noble folks at Telephone and Soup (aka Shitty Kitty) had animal art mashup for kids at Paxton Gate this Saturday.  My personal favorite, the ElSnake:


Just like the Suriya Thai elephant, it seems pissed — and it doesn’t even have a gun.  (Man, this would sure look good on that freshly painted door…)

And I am pretty sure I saw a roctopat driving a Ford F-150 in a strip mall parking lot when I was stuck in the suburbs of Denver this weekend:


(Or was it an octobit? I always get those rodent-Cephalopod hybrids confused, especially after a couple of margaritas at altitude.)


OK, news flash — if I ever see this, I am running like hell, ESPECIALLY if it is doing my laundry.


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