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Somalia’s Next Top Pirate – SF Edition

April 21, 2009

Anthony Bourdain is cut-throat. Anthony Bourdain takes no prisoners.  Anthony Bourdain would have no issue making Alice Waters walk the plank. Yet given his panache, swagger, outright deception, and willingness to eat anything (perhaps even other pirates?) it is rather surprising that most in the food world missed his crowning at last year’s “Somalia’s Next Top Pirate“.

“Casting of the contestants took place across the country late last year, and filming was completed about a month ago. Large precautions were taken to ensure we won’t find out who wins ahead of time, but we can only assume he or she will be at least as ruthless and bloodthirsty as last year’s winner, Anthony Bourdain.”

Sadly, UN sanctions, the pending NATO blockade and Sandra Lee have prevented Anthony and media from attending this year’s awards ceremonies at Mogadishu University. (Go MU! Mascot? The Pirates…)

However, given we are one of the few blogs that continuous to finds Somali Pirates humourous (and one eager and willing to ‘jump the shark’, AAARRrrrggghh), the Burrito Justice governing board has recommended that San Francisco hold its own “Next Top Pirate” competition.


Quick list below. Suggestions welcome, especially female pirates.  (Note – booty does not automatically make you a pirate.)

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  1. April 22, 2009 7:36 am

    I vote for the Dissident Chef from SubCulture Dining. He has a Jolly Rodger patch on his chef’s coat already.


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