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Exit Janitzi, Enter Milk

April 11, 2009

Eater SF notes a new liquor license on the haunted Janitzi/Senses space on Valencia between 22nd and 23rd:

Moininazeri is the same name as on an Appeals Board hearing back in 2003 – A M N market?? Don’t really remember it, but found this:

AMN market was just strange: half video rental place, half corner store, with a little bit of used record store thrown in. We sometimes went there to buy Fast Passes, and S. went there to buy Choward’s violet and lemon candies; neither of these items were available at the other corner stores. I felt that I should like AMN (one of our neighborhood friends was a fan) but nonetheless, I never quite understood the AMN vibe, and the AMN staff seemed a little edgy–not ebullient like the Thanasi’s guys.

So — Milk < Janitzi < Senses < Watercress < A M N?

The pressing question is what they will serve at “Milk”?  Is it a generic name like “Toast”?

Or is it descriptive, indicating foods made with the help of cows? Cheese?  Ice cream?  Butter?  Milkshakes?  White Russians? Whatever it is, I hope they figure out something that will last.

An interesting observation by the Rye Bread Politics, author of the above AMN description:

The depressed atmosphere of poorer American neighborhoods manifests itself not only in the absence of a variety of storefront businesses, but also in the unfriendly and paranoid personas of the people who own those businesses which remain. These neighborhoods are then defined by the presence of people who hang out on a corner doing nothing, or selling illegal products to people from outside the neighborhood, instead of by the friendly give-and-take of the commerce of relative equals.

If your neighborhood has no businesses you really like, you probably won’t like your neighborhood. When a place in your neighborhood earns your loyalty, it becomes a part of your heart’s geography. These loyalties change and intensify based on small, intangible factors.

May we have more places that encourage chillaxin like the Nice Lady Store.

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  1. SFDoggy permalink
    April 12, 2009 7:19 pm

    I worry that the owner has no obvious prior restaurant experience. Sense and Janitizi were both run by well-intentioned people with no clue as to how to operate a restaurant. It should be possible to operate a succesful restaurant in that location — Watergate/Watercress had a long run, but somebody with a clue needs to be behind the operation.

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