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Iconic Hipster or Ironic Hipster?

February 3, 2009

You decide:

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  1. dude permalink
    February 3, 2009 9:17 pm

    I don’t understand the difference btwn iconic hipster & ironic hipster. is one good and one bad?

  2. February 3, 2009 9:47 pm

    Such is the mystery of the hipster – for good or for evil? Only Valencia St will decide.

  3. February 5, 2009 1:16 pm

    I’d hit that

  4. February 5, 2009 5:10 pm

    That’s George.
    That’s right George, I’m calling you out.

  5. May 19, 2009 1:14 am

    Gotta agree…ironic!


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