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Mission Street Food Inverted

October 26, 2008

Big changes for Mission Street Food. Their headline says it all:
“From Mission–Street Food to Mission Street–Food”


  • They’re taking next week off
  • They will have guest chefs (cool!)
  • They will be moving indoors, sharing space with existing restaurants (hmmm…)

I’m not in love with the indoor idea, but I understand. Our little MSF is growing up — the lines couldn’t get much longer

I do like the idea of guest chefs though. I secretly wanted dozens of cooks to line 21st in a sea of silver and fluorescent street-food goodness like some William Gibson functional Singapore dystopia. But I don’t think James the Hater would like that.

Mission Mission raises the question:

    “This sounds great, but will the sandwiches be as fun to eat sitting at a table, indoors? Will it still be street food?”

A philosophical debate indeed, like what the sound of one hand clapping? It’s not quite the same, even with the benefits of beer and wine. It all depends on the atmosphere. Best of all would be something that has a big garage door in front so people can come to and fro, and mill about freely.

Maybe they can partner up with Janitzi on Valencia and 23rd — needless to say they could use the traffic, and it’s a nice, big open space. Take out the tables and chairs, and just have a bunch of high tables…

Wherever they go, I want a new sandwich called “James the Hater” with something bitter, like arugula, and with something so insanely hot you start shouting like a crazed son of a bitch and no one can get a word in edgewise.

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